sports young ambassadors 2012There are many opportunities within the Cotswold School Sport Network for students to take on the role of Young Leader. Students enjoy coaching refereeing and officiating within their School and community as well as at Network events. It gives students a platform to develop essential life skills such as communication/organisation/working with others / being a good role model.


KurlingStudents in Year 9 from Deer Park, Kingshill, Sir William Romneys & Farmors learnt how to play some different Paralympic sports including Boccia, Sitting Volleyball and Goalball.Mandeville Boccia

Wild Rock_group_2012_123Year 9 Leadership Academy

32 students from Year 9 have been selected to take part in the Cotswold Leadership Academy. The students are from Sir WilliamRomneys School, Deer Park School, Kingshill and Farmors. They will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of events across the year to help them develop their Leadership skills. The workshops will involve Team Building skills, Organisation of an Event, First Aid and Refereeing and Officiating. It is a great chance for students from different schools to work together to become confident sports leaders.

low ropes

 Year 10 Leadership Academy

32 students in Year 10 from across the Network were invited to a workshops where they were able to complete a National Governing Body Award in specific sports. The Rugby Leaders Foundation Award and the Young Netball Organisers Award were run on Thursday 9th February at the Arena. Congratulations to all students who took part on completing their award despite the cold conditions of the Arena!